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Prophetess Gwendolyn Rolle


Breaking the Silence

Prophetess Gwendolyn Rolle delivers a captivating message of hope, deliverance, healing, and restoration through this riveting autobiography that takes you on an emotional journey of tear dropping empathy as she unveils her life story.  She gives vivid details of her childhood experiences that were viciously scared by incest , rape, physical abuse, and ultimately becoming impregnated by her father.  After many years of being tormented and imprisoned to inner bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, and hatred towards her father, her story turns into one that reveals the redemptive power of God.  She discloses how God intervened in her life and rescued her from a pathway of darkness, toxic relationships, destruction, and mental breakdown.  This book is a must read for those who think life is beyond repair.  Prophetess Rolle's amazing transformation is a testimony that God is able to do exceedingly above and beyond what you can ever imagine possible.

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The Power of Submission
Beauty Sex Food

In this book, Prophetess Gwendolyn Rolle opens up a heart-to-heart discussion with those who tend to repeatedly come up short of the glory of God in their pursuit for love.  She explores some of the reasons and excuses in relationships that causes many to miss the mark concerning love and marriage.  After multiple failed marriages, Dr. Rolle identifies that "Submission" has been the main ingredient that had been lacking in her former marriages... and sadly so, the same is true for a high majority of Christian marriages that never get to experience the beautiful design God intended for the sacred institution of marriage.  In this book, you will discover the harmony and divine order that results from God's good, extraordinary, infallible design and purpose for marriage through the power of "Submission".

He Trust U With The Scars
Isaiah 53:5

In this book, Prophetess Gwendolyn Rolle internalizes the spiritual healing and redemptive power made possible for each of our sins through the sacrificial suffering, pain, and crucifixion Jesus endured in exchange for the punishment rightfully due to us all. Overall,  through his suffering and death, there's forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing for humanity's sins. For we all are guilty of sin, guilt, and shame! Yet it's relief, hope, and joy in knowing that the sacrificial death of Jesus covers it all; unforgiveness, divorce, abortion, murder, rape, criminal activities, sexual perversion, homosexuality, drugs, abuse, betrayal, and the countless other sins that plaque the world today. The wounds and scars that Jesus bore on our behalf were not in vain. The power of his sacrifice is available to set us free today! Not only free from debt, but free from the bondage of sin!

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